It’s cute that Coffey Burlington partner, Kendall Coffey, thinks getting inexperienced law school grads to work for “[r]ates of between $50 and $125 per hour” will create jobs for the jobless, whose offices will suddenly overflow with business from the “underserved middle class.” He also thinks this will make them rich, since “attorneys working at law firms usually receive compensation — computed on an hourly basis — within a range comparable to what a middle-class practice might generate.”

So, how will this legion of inexperienced discount lawyers serve their cost-conscious clients competently so they can claim their six-figure salaries? “[M]uch of the training can be provided by following the formula of organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters ….” Yeeaah. I vote for Coffey Burlington to take the lead on providing the volunteer mentors necessary to create a legion of rich discount lawyers who will soon compete for the same clients. Brilliant plan. [via Dan Tyson]