clio-saasFinally! To celebrate its first birthday, Clio announced that Clio now syncs contacts, calendars, and tasks with Microsoft Outlook, so you can get offline access to your key information. Most importantly, as far as I am concerned, you should be able to sync with most smartphones through Outlook.

For me, this makes Clio the first truly practical cloud-based practice management software. A web-only interface just is not very useful when I just want to make a call from my phone.

Hopefully Rocket Matter and LawRD will get with the program, because this moves Clio to the top of my rankings.

Clio Releases Full Outlook Synchronization, Enhanced Reporting, and QuickBooks Integration to Celebrate First Anniversary | Official Clio Blog

4 responses to “Clio Becomes the First Practice Management SaaS to Sync with Outlook”

  1. William says:

    I would be more likely to use Clio now that there’s a way to move the data off onto my computers other than a disaster recovery mode.

  2. Brian says:

    Interesting. I still think you can get the same functionality running Batchbooks CRM. It is SaaS CRM that syncs with Google (Gmail, Contacts etc..), Freshbooks, and MailChimp. It is also significantly cheaper at 9.00 a month for 1 user and alot of contacts.

  3. Sam Glover says:

    Yeah, I still don’t love Clio’s price, but this is still a big leap forward in usability.

  4. I tried Clio for a while. I liked its features and it worked very well. However, my sense is that it doesn’t really add value until your firm gets big enough. Right now, Google Apps still does everything I need to do in the cloud.

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