It is the middle of summer and saying its hot is an understatement. Hay bales are spontaneously combusting in the midwest and heat kinks are derailing the metro here in DC. The warm weather beckons for sleeveless shirts to be worn to the office. Sleeveless shirts can be classy and beautiful, complete with high collars and bright colors. However, they can sometimes present a challenge when it comes to camouflaging undergarments. Visible bra straps (and panty lines) are never office appropriate and can be avoided with a few simple tips.

As I said, visible bra straps (or bras for that matter) are never office appropriate no matter what Vogue says. Most sleeveless dress shirts are cut in a slight racerback, so they curve in near the shoulder blades instead of being straight down. A standard bra has straps that are wider than the shirt so the bra strap is very visible. I see this every single day and it makes me wonder if the wearer even looked in a mirror (and if they did, how they justified wearing it to work).

There are simple solutions to this issue. First, buy a strapless or racerback bra. An investment in one or both of these are invaluable as they allow you to wear almost any type of shirt. Strapless bras can be somewhat annoying, especially if you have a larger chest, but a good one with no-slip lining makes a great investment. Racer back bras are extremely comfortable and the straps never slip, they have become my go-to bras. If you do not want to invest in either, take a safety pin or rubber band and pull the straps of a normal bra together, making your own racerback.

Summer weather also brings a lot of white. As I’ve mentioned before I love white clothing as nothing looks more crisp and refreshing. A cardinal rule of wearing white is to never wear colored undergarments, this includes white! White undergarments under white clothing is not invisible, its white and you can see it through your clothing. Nude or flesh colored bras and panties should always be worn under white. If your white garment is rather thick then you may have some leeway but for most white tops and bottoms, nude undergarments need to be worn.