Clio just announced that ScanSnap users can now scan to Clio just by pushing the scan button, connecting your desktop scanner to the cloud. That’s pretty cool technology, especially considering the ScanSnap has been the scanner of choice for a few years now.

  • Thanks for the head’s up. As a Clio user, this will be great. One more reason to love my ScanSnap.

  • Has anyone been able to get this to work? Does it upload the files to your linked dropbox folder or just to Clio’s integrated system?

  • Dan

    Is the S1500 still your Scansnap of choice? …maybe that’s still their current model, but your review is from over 3 years ago. I would hope Fujitsu would have added new models with better OCR and quality. What are your thoughts?

    • It is still the best, yes, although I have to think Fujitsu will update the whole line in the near future.

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  • Dan

    I’m still partial to Canon. There are more choices for one, but the DR-2010c is the same price and matches spec for spec, comes with Adobe Standard… but the huge win is that it comes with TWAIN drivers, so while you can use the included software, you can also use Adobe or any other software to scan. Fujitsu locks you in their ecosystem.;cocoTable

    • Except that Canon’s software is some of the worst I have used, while Fujitsu’s is still the best. I just want to put in some paper and hit a button to scan, and the ScanSnap does that better than anything else.

      • Dan

        You’re certainly right, most of Canon’s software is completely terrible. The Canoscan software bundled with the higher end scanners looks and feels 10 years old. The Canon OnTouch software with this model is actually very good though. One touch scan to email, pdf save, and it has one of the fastest real-time OCR scanning of any scanner I’ve seen. I’ve even tried to use the OnTouch software with other scanners, but no dice, it only works with the 2010c. …not to be argumentative, but it’s another option out there for others if they’re interested.

        • I guess my opinion of Canon is colored by the DR-C125 (I think that’s the right model number) I reviewed, on which the scan button didn’t even work.

  • Michael

    I am the IT Director at a law school that uses Clio and I would love to start incorporating these Fujitsu scanners in our law clinics. There is one major problem, though. In a nod to security, we require our Clio users to have Two Factor Authentication (2FA) enabled. The ScanSnap Clio Uploader app does not play with 2FA. I can’t ask my 60+ users to disable 2FA when they want to scan as it would wipe out all of the efficiencies gained by using the Clio Uploader app. I submitted a fix request with Clio but was told that I am the only person that has made the request. It will never see the light of day.