For several months now, I’ve been dealing with a blog commenter who has gone from making barely-coherent comments on my consumer blog to calling me three times a day and screaming about how she is going to report me to everyone from the bar to the NSA. (I’ve posted more details in the LAB, if you are curious.)

Fortunately, I haven’t had to take any of her calls, because Ruby Receptionists answers the phone.

I can’t tell you what a relief that is. At this point, I’m afraid to answer my phone for fear that she will have found my cell phone number. My wife is upset, and I am afraid this person will do me real harm — not physically, but she could certainly make my life difficult. Ruby has been great, dealing with her courteously so I don’t have to deal with her at all. (As a bonus, most of the emails I get from Ruby regarding her calls end with something like “she didn’t sound very stable, just FYI.”)

Disclaimer: I’m a huge fan of Ruby Receptionists, but after I reviewed a similar virtual receptionist service from Total Attorneys, I decided my call volume wasn’t enough to justify the expense of a virtual receptionist. When Ruby saw that, they offered me free service until I get to 50 calls per month. So take my gushing praise with a grain of salt, I guess.