externshipIn this funky economy, legal jobs are tough to find, so consider finding an externship to boost your resume and your spirit.

There are a bunch of upsides to an externship. One, your school might give you credit for your time. Two, if you pick the right place, you should get some great experience. You may be able to leverage your free labor for more high-level experience. Three, it may transform into a paying job down the line.

Like anything else, there are some downsides. Some employers are likely to exploit the bad economy to their advantage. They might just use you for free labor even though they could actually pay you. They might even promise to pay you down the road. Probably the worst situation is if they use you to do work that is not true “legal work” and is of no value to you.

Do your homework. Just because you are working for free does not mean you should not be picky. Any firm that treats free labor badly is likely to have a bad reputation. Find a place that feels right, and it may just pay off in the end.

Law students exiled to externships | Legal blog watch

(photo: kcolwell)