mobilemegmailshowdownGmail and MobileMe are both great e-mail services, and both have a few features the other does not, but I think Gmail is just a touch better.

Here is why:

Tools that work well on both systems

  1. Search your mail;
  2. Check e-mail from other accounts; and
  3. Forward your MobileMe or Gmail e-mail to another account.

Unique MobileMe features

  1. Quick reply and delete;
  2. iPhone locator (yes, kind of a gimme, but a very cool feature); and
  3. Costs a cool $99 for a year (includes your own cloud—web page hosting, picture hosting, a massive online hard drive, and other cool features).

Unique Gmail features

  1. Condenses multiple message “conversations” into one e-mail, which keeps your inbox less cluttered, and makes it extremely easy to read through a chain of emails without scrolling through eighteen “to: bill smith@hotmail, from:kerrysmith@ hotmail, re: nothing;”
  2. Labs. You can add multiple inboxes, multiple canned responses, and all sorts of other neat features; and
  3. Like Google Calendar, it is free.

If you need a cheap way to post your pictures online and need an online hard drive, MobileMe is not a bad deal. If you are a Mac user, it certainly fits in seamlessly with everything else you do.

But if you want to do more and really get the most out of your e-mail, Gmail is the way to go.

(photo: Grifmo)