Last week’s post by Josh Reynolds, A Penny Saved, riled lots of commenters who didn’t think dividing expenses into need and want categories was a very useful exercise. Most preferred to think in terms of cost and benefit. Andrew Nettleman, a North Carolina lawyer and blogger, agrees:

Don’t try to max­i­mize profit by min­i­miz­ing costs. Be smart with how you spend your money, but focus on max­i­miz­ing rev­enue even if it means increas­ing costs. If tech­nol­ogy allows you to increase your rev­enue pull the trig­ger on that new iPad. Josh was right that you don’t need high tech gad­gets to be a good lawyer. But don’t let the argu­ment go so far that you throw the baby out with the bath water. Costs are nec­es­sary. Rev­enue is the goal.

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