“I am simply tired of lawyers being criticized for using a computer rather than a paper to carry out basic functions of practice.”


Personal Productivity for Lawyers

This quick-start guide to Getting Things Done and Inbox Zero also includes two shortcuts for those who want the benefits of GTD without having to learn the system.

Carolyn Elefant took (partial) exception to yesterdays rant about thrift, A Penny Saved.

I was reacting primarily to this part of the post:

And you have so very many cases that you can’t keep track of things with a pen and paper? Like they did for centuries before you arrived? Are you that busy, or is tracking cases in a diary that difficult? If so, your problems go much farther than needing software, and you should seriously consider a new occupation.

Check out the exchange between Carolyn and Scott Greenfield and weigh in if you think the post went too far — or not far enough.


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