Earlier this week I had my swearing in after (finally) passing the Virginia Bar. Right before the ceremony I sent my boyfriend a picture of me in front of the Virginia State Bar seal to which he replied “I see toes!” I had worn my navy skirt suit and paired it with brown peep-toe heels, standard height. I’ve always considered peep-toe shoes to be appropriate in even the most conservative offices but I’m starting to realize not everyone might be in my camp.

I have known that my boyfriend (who also works in law) thinks that open toe shoes are inappropriate for the workplace but I always attributed it to more of a personal preference than anything else. However, when we met up with some friends later in the day I realized he was not alone in thinking that peep toe shoes were not appropriate for the office. I was pretty surprised to say the least.

I consider peep-toe shoes to be harmless. They are a standard pump with a thumb-size cutout on the toes. Personally I think they add just a touch of fun to an outfit without going overboard (or even close to crossing a line). If your feet are properly groomed then peep toe shoes, in my opinion, are as professional as a closed-toe pump. I’m also just referring to the basic peep-toe here and not every open toe shoe, the office is no place for the gladiator meets dominatrix heels that have been all over the runways the past few years.

I’m curious to know your opinion on the subject. Is the office the place for open-toe pumps and if so, where does the line get drawn? The basic peep-toe is ok but so is the simple sandal that shows most of your foot? Leave your opinion in the comments!