If you are still wondering about the difference between “old-school” practice management software and cloud-based practice management software, here it is in a nutshell. Clio, Rocket Matter, and MyCase all recently introduced document assembly to their software. (MyCase went and created an in-browser document editor, for crying out loud!) And that’s not even the most-recent round of updates.

PC Law, a stalwart of the old-school software offerings, is about to introduce what amounts to Clippy for timekeeping, a daily nagging popup to remind you to bill your time. This is so significant LexisNexis “embargoed” the feature until next week — and then went and posted this video on its public YouTube page:

Note the tired, old, unattractive interface hasn’t changed, maintaining the refusal of old-school practice management software vendors to involve user interface designers in any way.

So there’s the difference. Cloud software: introduces awesome new features constantly. PC Law: nags you.

Edit: It’s also telling, by the way, that when I asked Clio, Rocket Matter, and MyCase for access to their software to review it, they all gave me a test account right away. When I asked LexisNexis’s PR company for a copy of the software to test, she refused, but offered to let me watch someone demo it for me, instead, as if watching someone else use software could be an adequate substitute for trying it out myself.