lawyers-argueMany “experts” claim that going to law school because you like to argue is a mistake. They are wrong. If you get an adrenaline rush from sticking to your guns and making a point—you are headed to the right place.

Your law school classmates are probably smarter than half of the lawyers you will encounter in your career. Take advantage of the opportunity and argue with your friends as much as possible. Arguing forces you to present your case and poke holes in your opponent’s one. Lawyering in real life is the exact same thing.

Knowing substantive law important. But if you cannot condense, synthesize, and get your point across effectively, you will not succeed. You will lose hearings, cases, negotiations all because you’re afraid to stick to your guns and get a point across.

Your law school friends will be your harshest, and best, critics. Make the most of your three years and refine your argumentation skill set—the payoff will be tremendous.

(photo: Travosaurus)