smartphoneWhile I do like to be able to check my e-mail whenever I want, smartphones have their downside. It turns out I do not actually like to be reachable and working all the time. I want to work when I work, and not work when I am not working.

I shut off e-mail on my Blackberry a few weeks ago, and have not missed it. While sometimes I like knowing if I am missing anything important, usually I am not. And even if I am, I am perfectly happy not knowing until I sit down to work. Besides, I am not usually far from a computer, if I need one.

It makes me consider giving up the smartphone entirely to go back to a regular old phone—maybe even a land line.

If you feel like you cannot get away from work, try shutting off your mobile e-mail for a while. After the initial shock, you might like it.

(photo: andyi)