Pro se litigant Kyle Greene, like many pro se litigants before him, felt put upon by the judicial system. Determined to do something about it, he filed a “Motion for Disclosure of Chamber of Papers,” demanding U.S. District Court Judge Patrick Schiltz’s bench memo because he “suspect[ed] he was the victim of a law clerk usurping the function of an Article III judge.”

It didn’t work. In his opinion (PDF), Judge Schiltz explained:

Greene has not cited — and the Court has not found — a single statute, regulation, rule, or judicial opinion holding that a litigant has a right of access (under the First Amendment, the common law, or anything else) to communications between a judge and his or her law clerk, including draft opinions and orders. Rather, all of the authority of which the Court is aware is to the contrary.

(Thanks, Deb and Jess!)