In a few years, a generation of kids who apparently can’t pay attention long enough to read to the end of this sentence will find themselves sitting in jury boxes. Keith Lee at Associates Mind says “You have to provide [millenials] their panem et circenses whether you like it or not.” In response, Scott Greenfield throws up his hands: “it’s unclear whether the nature of a criminal trial offers the defense any solution.”

Are we really in for a horde of jurors with twitching thumbs ghost-typing as they snooze through a trial? I’m not so sure millenials are as inattentive as all that. A recent Pew survey (HT: The Panic Virus) found that “across the board, people who use the internet and other digital devices — such as cell phones, tablet computers, and e-book readers — are more frequent readers than non-users.”

It’s not directly on point, but I think reading probably correlates well with attention span. If that’s true, maybe it’s not all doom and gloom for the trial lawyers of the future.