Everyone has those days where they stare into their closet and say that they have nothing to wear. I know I do this from time to time even though my closet is literally bursting with clothes. Sometimes I feel like I have nothing to wear just because I want something new but other times it is because I feel I have nothing appropriate for that day or occasion. In order to avoid this problem in your professional wardrobe there are 10 must have items that you should own. These pieces serve as a reliable foundation that you can build upon with trendier items.

1) Tailored Suit with Skirt and Pants – Everyone needs at least one suit that fits them perfectly. One with a suit and pants option can fit any occasion.
2) White Shirt – This can be any cut, style or shade but a white shirt is a blank canvas with endless style opportunities.
3) Comfortable, appropriate heels – Having a pair of heels that do not make your feet cringe is crucial, stick to classic black in 3.5′ height
4) Shift Dress – For those days where you don’t feel like thinking about what to wear and still look amazing.
5) Large, polished tote bag/briefcase – we tend to carry our life in our bags and it should reflect our professionalism and style. That reusable grocery bag is posh at whole foods but not at the office.
6) Cardigan – A well-fitting cardigan is as versatile and can be as polished as a tailored blazer.
7) Pencil Skirt – It goes with everything, seriously.
8) Long Necklace – Universally flattering while a touch of sparkle/color.
9) Polished flats – We can’t wear heels all the time but make sure your flats have more structure than a ballet slipper.
10) Statement Cocktail Ring – This adds intrigue and surprise to even the most conservative of outfits.