court-reporter-transcriptI still have not figured out how court reporters charge or what they are charging for. All I know is I generally pay something like $800 for an inch of double-spaced pages with 1.5″ margins in a large, mono-spaced font.

I do not mind paying the fee when I hired the court reporter, but those fees seem exorbitant if I am just buying a copy of a court hearing or deposition transcript. Even so, I never would have thought to use a public information request to get a cheaper copy of a hearing transcript.

One New Mexico attorney did, and the city and court reporter sued him for the higher fee. Not so fast said the Tenth Circuit. Court proceedings are public record, and forcing a lawyer to obtain them only from the court reporter would amount to giving the court reporter a copyright.

So when it comes to public court proceedings and public records, if you can get them cheaper, the light is green.

10th Cir.: Court reporters do not own a copyright in the transcripts that they prepare | Copyright Law Blog

(photo: Klaire_Lee)