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Whether because of the ScanSnap‘s popularity or because so many businesses are going paperless, there were a lot of new options for desktop and portable document scanners on display at TechShow. Fujitsu came offering new features, and HP and Canon brought new scanners targeted at solos and small firms.

Fujitsu was showing off its new “ScanSnap mode” for its higher-end scanners like the wicked-fast fi-6130Z. “ScanSnap mode” means the scanner can do the same auto-detection of color and 2-sided pages, and save to places like Evernote and Google Docs in addition to your hard drive or file server. These features are generally missing from other scanners. It’s not like there was anything really wrong with the scanners before, but ScanSnap mode is a sweet way to enhance the user experience—and usefulness of the scanners.

HP had two new scanners on display, the desktop ScanJet 3000 and the portable ScanJet 1000. I didn’t get much information on them, however, because I was distracted by the new HP Folio 13 ultrabook sitting right next to them.

Canon had several scanners on display. It’s new, slimline desktop scanner, the imageFORMULA DR-C125 looks interesting, but I was really interested in the portable scanners, the imageFORMULA P-150 and imageFORMULA P-215. They aren’t as tiny as a ScanSnap S1100 or Doxie Go, but they are built with the scanning software onboard, so you never have to install anything. That means you can use them on any computer. One of them even has the ability to scan directly to Canon’s secure document storage cloud.

Scanners may not be the most sexy peripheral, but it looks like they are getting a lot of attention this Spring.

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