Welcome to the new Lawyerist!

New look, new name.

While SoloSmallTech was a technology blog for solo and small firms, I also enjoy writing posts like this and this, that did not fit neatly within solosmall or tech.

And all tech, all the time gets a little tedious. While I love to nudge attorneys towards a paperless law office, I also like to talk about productivity, marketing, and best practices. Rather than start a completely new blog, I decided to keep SoloSmallTech, but expand to talk about the practice of law, both technology, systems, best practices, management, marketing, and more.

What is a Lawyerist? Literally, one who lawyers. So Lawyerist is a lawyering manual—or survival guide, depending on how you look at it.

Let us know how you like the new look or the new focus on the comments.