If you visit often, you may notice that the site is changing a bit. I just moved everything to a new server, and I am working on making the transition to Lawyerist. Since I am doing all this myself, the transition will be a bit bumpy. I’m just an amateur.

The main blog will be Lawyerist, as soon as I finish the new look. SoloSmallTech will survive as a category within Lawyerist. If you don’t want to read about lawyering, you will be able to continue accessing SoloSmallTech at the usual address. Hopefully, I will be able to figure out how to generate two RSS feeds, as well.

So bear with us, please. This should all add up to a big improvement.

  • Greg

    Speaking of transitions and tech stuff, how did the foray into installing Windows Vista ever work out? Did I miss a post about it?

    I’m about to try, for the third time, to convert over from Windows to a Linux-based and wholly open source system. I’ve tried twice before with no luck (Mandrake) but maybe Ubuntu will do it. But, it’s not on my main laptop.

  • Sam Glover

    I gave up on Vista before it shipped. I didn’t realize the system requirements were so great that my laptop could not handle Aero.

    I installed Windows XP instead so that I could do basic video editing, but I haven’t used it more than an hour or two. Good thing I left a 5 GB partition with Xubuntu installed. That’s where I get all my work done.