It’s a huge and classic conflict: expectations vs. reality.

Clients think legal documents should be free; that paperwork has no cost, the lawyer need merely push a button and a completely personalized state-of-the-legal-art document will effortlessly appear. Lawyers—with 30% of their billable (and unbillable!) hours invested in creating, editing, personalizing and then fly-specking those same documents—have for years wished for exactly such a magical button.

TheFormTool’s creator, a professional word processor with a million pages of legal documents notched in his keyboards, had an ambitious objective: to reduce the amount of time a lawyer spends preparing repetitious documents by at least 90% while dramatically reducing document errors. He wanted his tool to be accessible and useful to everyone, not merely to professional “power users,” and easily affordable to all. With TheFormTool, he has achieved his goals. Testimonials from purchasers of TheFormTool indicate magic was in the air when the software started shipping nationally in December. Typical user comments include “mind-blowing,” “jaw dropping,” and “I’ve been searching for something like this for 15 years.”

With a learning curve measured in minutes not months, TheFormTool is the most user-friendly and powerful document assembly tool in the world. It combines a dozen core capabilities with an intuitive menu and commands that are fully integrated into MS Word, the document origination tool of choice for most lawyers. Users generally are able to start automating their own documents within ten minutes and many start building smart forms, in fact brilliantly intelligent forms, their first day. No need for professional installers; no call for expensive consultants. TheFormTool is a true “plug and play” tool for those whose livelihood depends on the written word.

While TheFormTool is in use in dozens of professions from Newfoundland to Tasmania, its core audience is lawyers. With TheFormTool a lawyer can leverage his or her expertise across staff; by embedding documents with logic that fits the lawyer’s judgement of what fits the client’s specific needs. It fits elder and family law, real estate, litigation, personal injury, bankruptcy, commercial practices and every other area of the law. It fits uses as diverse as asset purchase agreements, bankruptcy filings, complaints, contracts, employment and fee agreements, formations, interrogatories, leases, mortgages, motions and pleadings, reports and hundreds of others. From a 50-word Promissory Note to a 15,000-word Will with Trusts, TheFormTool delivers document automation for the rest of us.

Core features of TheFormTool PRO include date precedents; conditions; noun/pronoun and singular/plural agreement; lists, lists within lists and master lists; network support; and, choice, multiple choice and boolean logic decisioning. An upcoming update will add Math and PMT computations.

New non-professional competition for clients’ legal dollars is pressuring lawyers to become more productive. TheFormTool is an insanely easy but very powerful tool for lawyers to use to improve service, reduce costs, avoid errors and increase incomes.

Learn more at our website. Free lifetime licenses are available to those with limited needs, an interest in an exhaustive test drive or an inability to commit. The full-featured TheFormTool PRO is available to purchase for a one-time payment of $89 at