Scott Greenfield starting writing Simple Justice only a month after Lawyerist’s first post (I think there were earlier posts I deleted, but the archive is all I have to go on), so we’ve been blogging for about the same length of time. He never had many good things to say about Lawyerist, but Simple Justice was often worth reading, anyway, and I have subscribed for years.

Yesterday, on Simple Justice’s 5-year anniversary, Scott decided to call it quits. In his farewell post, he said ” I realized that my work is now part of the old, forgotten blawgosphere. This is probably how it should be.” I don’t know if that’s true or not, but Scott, at least, has seemed unusually nostalgic in some of his recent posts. I suspect he’s been planning his exit for a while, now.

If you miss Scott’s voice, I’m sure he’ll only be more vocal on Twitter now that he’ll have some extra time.

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