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    Although your tips are ‘useful’ they are, at best, ancilary. Lawyers should never make presumptions or assumptions. Therefore, why don’t you start with the only central concept? (ie) Essential Marketing Rule No.1: supply good legal advice/ representation.

    Many lawyers are interested in image but omit substance; and that’s the reason for so many incompetent or ineffective lawyers practising at present.

  • Supplying good legal advice and representation is obviously important, but it will not matter much if nobody hires you. This post addresses the latter issue.

  • These are good ideas. I was lucky enough to stumble upon Kuler when I was building my website, and was thereby able to give the color scheme to a graphic designer to use in creating my logo. I would highly recommend having a professional do your logo work for you; it is a fun process, and will help set you apart from the people who grab generic logos off the series of tubes we call the internet.

    And the resources on letterhead are nice to see. That’s where I’ve been struggling lately. And places like VistaPrint (where I had my business cards printed) just don’t have the professional look I want for my letterhead.

    Thanks for the tips! I’m looking forward to the next installment.