Gifts for the Lawyer in Your Life

Gifts are hard to buy for anyone on your list, and lawyers are no exception. I’m told on the radio that it’s the most wonderful time of the year. That means you’re probably procrastinating on your gift list. Our Gift Guide will help you with your holiday shopping. Items range from under ten dollars to over four hundred, so there should be something for anyone’s budget. Just make sure to check the list twice.

Under $30

Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen ($6.99)

If you know a lawyer who enjoys a good pen, it may be time to push him or her in the direction of fountain pens. The Platinum Preppy Fountain pen is a great way to start or supplement any fountain pen colletion, and makes a great gift. LAB member Frank Pipitone says that you will be hard pressed to find better value than the Preppy.

Coffee Mug Warmer ($7.99)

I only recently became an adult and started drinking coffee. But in the two weeks since I started drinking, I have already learned that cold coffee is much worse than hot coffee. This coffee mug warmer is a great gift for the lawyer in your life that enjoys a warm cup of Joe.

Whiskey Sipping Stones ($21.95)

Last week I went to a bar and tried drinking whiskey on the rocks. I don’t know who I was kidding. I don’t live on a television show where nobody uses mixers in their drinks. But a lot of people are more impressive than I am when it comes to drinking. These sipping stones are a terrific gift for the lawyer in your life who loves a stiff drink. The stones are chilled and then used in place of ice cubes, but they don’t dissolve and dilute the drink.

Personalized Business Card Holder ($7.95)

There is no point in having a fun, versatile business card if you are going to put it in your pocket to get crumpled. Every lawyer should have a business card, which means every lawyer should have a business card holder. This business card holder comes with free engraving and makes a great gift.

$30 — $152

Desktop Aquarium (39.95)

Fish? Check. Pens? Check. Clock that gives you the weather? Double check. This is a great gift to spice up any boring desk. Not only is it very cool to have a fish tank on your desk, but it is also functional. For under fifty dollars you get a small fish tank, pen holder, and an alarm clock. Plus there are a lot of “little shark” puns that you can make when giving this gift.

Kindle 3G ($139)

Lawyers read all the time. So why not get the lawyer in your life a Kindle for a gift this year and save their back some trouble? In addition to the huge selection of books available online, you can put .PDF files right onto the device for free. I recommended the 3G version for several reasons. First of all, it isn’t that much more expensive. Also, the 3G data plan is included with the device. But most importantly, it is a nice option to have, since it means you can download new books no matter where you are (in the U.S.).

Keurig Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System ($151.99)

As I’ve discussed supra, I just started drinking coffee. That means the Keurig my parents gave me as a gift last year is finally being put to use. Thanks to the Keurig I am saving a ton of money compared to my friends who frequent various coffee chains. So really this is a double gift. You’re giving someone the gift of coffee, and the gift of saving time and money in the morning. Unfortunately it will still only come in one box.

Monthly Gift Club (Various Prices)

This website offers gifts for pretty much anyone on your list, if you’re willing to shell out a little money. These are monthly gift packages, and they are available in three month, four month (seasonal) or twelve month subscriptions. You can do beer, wine, neck ties, cigars, chocolate, cookies, pasta, and my personal favorite: bacon. There are a ton of other options too, and these gifts keep on giving. Some are a little over priced, like the bacon, but I thought the seasonal beer club was a good price. My siblings chipped in and got that for my step—dad last year and he thought it was terrific. The beers are from small micro—breweries around the country, and they were always appropriately seasonal.

Over $150

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 Instant PDF Sheet-Fed Scanner ($414.49)

Sam’s review of the ScanSnap S1500 remains one of the most popular posts on the site. Similarly, the ScanSnap S1500 is one of the most popular document scanners on the market. This is a great gift for that lawyer in your life who made a goal to go paperless in the new year. Or who just loves scanning things because it is fun. In either situation, the ScanSnap is a great investment.

iPad 2 ($399-$799)

Does this one really need an explanation? The iPad 2 is a great gift as well as a great tool for any lawyer. There are apps to help organize cases, read depositions, and fight the forces of evil while waiting for a judge to take the bench. As the recent recipient of an iPad, I can personally testify to its awesomeness.



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  • I have the whiskey stones, and they’re a terrible idea. They’re heavy, which makes drinking awkward, especially as you get to the bottom and have to tilt the glass bottom up. They can also scratch up your glassware.

    Worst of all, they screw with the flavor of the whiskey. If you prefer your whiskey chilled, you can chill the glass, or better yet, just keep your whiskey in the fridge. Or, drop an ice cube in it. Most whiskeys are better with a little bit of water in them. It doesn’t water it down, it opens it up.

    • Good to know. I always thought they sounded like a great idea, but you make good sense.

  • Josh, thanks for the tip on the Preppy fountain pen. I bought one for myself (Merry Christmas to me) and I love it. Great suggestion.

    • You should thank Frank and Sam. Frank for his suggestion, and Sam for even starting such a thread in the LAB. I’m considering picking one up for myself. I just can’t decide if I’m classy enough for a fountain pen.

      • Don’t think too much about it. The Preppy writes nice, but I wouldn’t call it classy.

        • Andy Mergendahl

          It is kind of ugly, in fact. But it is a pleasure to use, and has piqued my interest in fountain pens.

          • You need to spend about $160 more to get one that writes as well or better.

            • Andy Mergendahl

              That noise in the background is my wife, laughing.

              • Yeah, stick with the Preppy, but do the o-ring conversion and use a top-shelf ink like Noodler’s, and tell everyone you know about your new interest in fountain pens. In a few years, you will have a selection of gifted fountain pens to choose from. And you will probably still use the Preppy, like I do, because you don’t care if you lose it or break it, and it writes almost as nicely as your gold-nibbed pen that cost more than a hundred times as much that you would hate to lose or break.