The skinny tie is back in style right now, and whoever is in charge of deciding what’s “in” is making a strong push for its adoption. I own two skinny ties. I really like them when going out on a dressier date, or maybe even for a New Year’s Eve party, but I feel a bit silly in them when I’m in court. Maybe if I was Joseph Gordon Levitt I would feel differently.

The skinny tie is especially troublesome for gentlemen with broad shoulders or a large stomach. The skinny tie will stand in stark contrast to a bigger build, making you look even bigger. When wearing a skinny tie you also have to be very careful about the lapels on your suit. If your lapels are too big, they will swallow the skinny tie and make the whole outfit look out of proportion. All these complications are part of the reason I prefer a thicker tie.

These spread collar shirts are a great way to go against the grain, and they will work with both smaller and larger body types. The spread collar lends itself to a bold tie with a big knot. A full windsor knot will go smashingly with any of these shirts.