Can you get an external hard drive rugged enough to withstand fires, floods, and earthquakes? Yes, according to ioSafe, which advertises “disaster proof hardware.” It sent us its external backup drive that is apparently apocalypse-proof. Seriously. Look what people have done to them!

If these drives can stand up to shotguns and house fires, would you feel comfortable relying on one as your only backup?

ioSafe sent us the external drive and a portable version to review. What kind of torture tests do you want to see? I’m not sure we can do anything to them that hasn’t already been done, but we will try.

  • Jerry

    The 12 Gauge round is definitely not buckshot. Try a Hornady SST 12 gauge SST sabot round instead. Alternatively, you might try a 7.62 (.308 Winchester) AP round. I expect either would kill those nasty old hard drives.

    • Yeah, I’ve got a 12 gauge somewhere in the basement, but that’s all the weaponry I’ve got access to. I thought a slug might do some damage, though.

      • Jerry

        I suspect the recommended rounds will shoot through the hard drives. Some friends performed a similar test with a block of transparent armor & discovered the 12 gauge sabot rounds would defeat the armor.

        • Okay, I’m curious enough to investigate. Where does one purchase 12 ga. sabot rounds? Will they bankrupt me?

          If not, I’m willing to try to find some. For science!

          • Jerry

            Most sporting goods stores should have them. My local Wal-Mart even carries them this time of year. Price runs about $10 to $15 for a box of 5.

            • Noted. I’m more likely to see if I can get something with treads to roll over it at a construction site, since I’m nowhere near somewhere I can blast away at it with a shotgun, but I’ll see what opportunities present themselves in the next week or two.

  • Randall just dropped off the review unit, and holy cow is this thing heavy! It’s like a little hard drive tank. I think it’s theft-proof just because a thief would fall over on the way to the door while trying to escape with this monster.

  • Well there you go. According to the spec sheet, it’s only 15 lbs., but it feels like twice that.

  • Suzie Easter

    I don’t suppose it would survive dynamite. :)

    • I’m not sure about that. Did you watch those videos?