calmIf you are taking the bar exam next week, you are probably already getting advice from friends, family, high school buddies on Facebook, and any other random people you run into when you are not curled up beneath your BarBri study aids.

I have also been getting advice from lawyers I communicate with on Twitter, and since it has been so helpful to me, I thought I would share the love. I sent out this tweet yesterday:

“Please send me your bar exam advice (in 140 char.) for a @lawyerist post this week. Thanks!”

I got responses from lawyers from Minnesota, Florida, Massachusetts, Colorado, Utah, Texas, Maryland, Washington, New Jersey, and California. Here are my top ten:

Alexis Martin Neely (@AlexisNeely): be rested, relaxed & calm. The test is as much of a test of ur ability to not freak out as anything else.

Shirley Huang (@ShirleyHuangESQ): Get lots of rest on nights before exam days. Don’t spend too much time on one MC q. When in doubt, pick C. BREATHE!

Jennifer Frantz (@jenniferfrantz): Book a hotel room near the exam to eliminate the stress of traffic and getting to the exam on time – also allows for extra time to sleep.

Porter Heath Morgan (@trialslawschool): Scan twitter #barexam, understand everyone is in the same boat as you & then unplug (atleast next week). Practice Questions: write out complete answers, which should be more than 140 characters, unfortunately.

John Jacobson (@jjhelp): Know your rule statements cold. During the exam is not the time to craft them.

Shaun Jamison (@shaunjamison): stay on time! Be like a shark, always moving forward. Follow bar prep advice, that’s what you paid them for.

Michael P. Maslanka (@worklawyer): You only need to get a C.

Karen Brady (@karenbradylaw): On the bar exam, time your self to hit all your major points, then go back to discuss subpoints. Forget everything you learned in College English.  It’s not about style but about blunt content.

Michael Reitz (@mike_reitz): Leave it all in the exam room. Ignore the other test takers. Hydrate. Do something fun each night.

Eric Cooperstein (@Ethics_Maven): Don’t stay up too late using Twitter.

Good luck next week! See you on the other side!

(Photo: Pete Reed)