Father knows best? After spending the better part of a day drinking, a Detroit area man decided the best thing to do was have his 9-year-old daughter drive to the gas station. As he later found out, such things are illegal and frowned upon by society. A Good Samaritan called 911 and the police pulled over the disappointed daughter and her dastardly dad.

Shawn Weimer, 39, had spent the day and most of the evening with a bottle of Black Velvet. Separated from his wife, he decided to make the most of his weekend with his daughter by taking her out on a father-daughter driving lesson at 2:00am. On the drive he had her stop at a gas station.

The outside surveillance camera captured the two arriving at the gas station with the girl at the wheel. While inside Weimer bragged to the clerk, recorded on surveillance video, that “I got a designated driver. Nine years old. Nine. Dad, drinking. Listen, we’re leaving, and she’s driving.” (video below)

An observer at the gas station began tailing the vehicle as it left the gas station, phoning 911 and guided the police to the van. The caller observed that girl drove well and used her turning signal. According to the police report, after being pulled over the girl, sitting on a booster seat, “asked why she was pulled over, that she was driving great and did not do anything wrong. I advised…that she was too young to be driving.” Police stated Weimer was “argumentative with us, that it was his right to teach his daughter how to drive.” Incredulous, he asked the officers “Wouldn’t you let your kid drive?”

Weimer was arrested and faces second-degree child abuse, fourth-degree child abuse, and being a habitual offender and could be sentenced to up to 15 years in prison if convicted. His previous felony convictions were for receiving and concealing stolen property, unarmed robbery, felon in possession of a firearm and felony firearm. Unsurprisingly, he also had a 2007 drunken driving conviction. The child’s mother was surprised her daughter could drive, added Weimer is “a good dad. He just made a horrible choice.”


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