Some lawyers, like the outspoken bloggers Scott Greenfield and Brian Tannebaum, believe the legal industry is suffering a plague of lawyers—especially new ones—who think that all there is to lawyering is throwing up a website and signing up for Twitter. They believe these lawyers focus on marketing and technology, and don’t spend enough time becoming competent or focusing on serving clients.

While I agree that much of the blogosphere tends to focus on marketing and technology rather than client service, I disagree that “most” lawyers suffer the same problem in their practices. Many of the lawyers I know don’t even have a website, haven’t got a clue how to go paperless, and consider Twitter a mystery. They don’t have time to spend on these things, because they are too busy serving clients. That’s probably why they like to read blogs about marketing and technology; those blogs are a shortcut to things they don’t have time to learn about themselves.

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