Phoenix Jones, a self-proclaimed Seattle “superhero”, dodged a bullet when the City Attorney’s Office decided not to charge with assault. The situation sprang from an incident this past weekend where Jones (real name Benjamin Fodor) broke up what he believed to be a fight with pepper spray, only to be arrested by the Seattle Police Department. Jones was released on bail and had his hearing on Thursday, where he returned to dramatic form.

Jones appeared in Seattle Municipal Court wearing a pinstriped shirt and his black-and-yellow mask, which he removed at the request of a court officer. Members of the group he encountered the night of the altercation claimed he assaulted them as they were leaving a nightclub and “dancing and having a good time” in the street. Jones and his attorney pointed to their video footage of the incident as proving his innocence. Prosecutors told the judge that they will not file charges immediately, but still have the option to file charges in the case later.

When the hearing concluded Jones tore off his dress shirt to reveal his signature black and green superhero costume underneath (technically his backup costume as the police still had his main costume). He donned his mask again and addressed reporter outside the courthouse. Flanked by his attorneys, he dramatically removed his mask and confirmed his real identity: “I’m Phoenix Jones. I’m also Ben Fodor. I also protect the city, I also am a father, I also am a brother. I’m just like everyone else. The only difference is that I decided to make a difference and stop crime in my neighborhood and my area. I intend to keep making that difference. The charges were false.” He refused to back down from his commitment to crime fighting, stating “I will continue to patrol with my team, probably tonight.”

After making the comments, Jones strode off without comment, wearing his mask and leaving his dress shirt behind. His attorney told the media his client “stands for all that is right and good.” The public appears to agree, as Jones’s Facebook page now has over 30,000 fans.


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