A prominent Indian anti-corruption campaigner and supreme court lawyer was attacked on national television when several goons entered his office and began beating him. The attackers claimed to be upset over the advocate’s personal views on the disputed Kashmir region. Politics in the world’s largest democracy can be an adventure, as corruption and outright violence regularly cloud the rising BRIC nation. Details and the video clip after the jump.

Advocate and Senior Supreme Court advocate Prashant Bhushan is well known in India for leading its first public campaign to root out judicial corruption. He was speaking to a major news channel when the attackers barged into his office and began brutally attacking him. What were Bhushan’s objectionable views? He stated that if the Kashmiri people did not want to live in India, they should be granted freedom if they so voted in a referendum.

Unrepentant, the attackers later confessed to their role in the attack in a series of statements posted on Twitter. The thugs were members of an extremist Hindu nationalist group once linked to the main opposition party.

Opinion on the subcontinent is understandably outraged and frustrated that the public attack is only a small part of such tactics taking place throughout the nation. The Bar Association of India (BAI) called for stern legal action against the assailants and the organizations they represent.

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