An Arkansas attorney is taking retail chain Toys “R” Us to court over an allegedly cursing baby doll. Among the realistic baby sounds, the doll apparently calls its users a “crazy bitch” (or, if you believe dolls cannot show intent, it declares “crazy bitch” to no one in particular). Thankfully, the doll is not homicidal. The case involves southern accents, semi-intelligible baby babble, and a potentially awesome stocking-stuffer for this holiday season.

In a video posted online, Fort Smith lawyer and “Child Advocate Attorney” Joey McCutchen accuses Toys “R” Us of stocking the doll which he believes says “crazy bitch”—or is that “okay, crazy bitch”? He asserts what the doll says is nothing a baby would say despite video evidence to the contrary. It’s unclear how McCutchen would view an infant toy phone that can hurl out a hearty m-fer. For its part, Toys “R” Us claims the doll is speaking in baby babble.

McCutchen first heard about the doll when a crazy bitch client complained about it and claimed her child began repeating the phrase. He claims the toy store chain said it would pull the toy off its shelves, but hasn’t. His suit sues Toys “R” Us on the grounds of misrepresentation, negligence and breach of contract.

For those interested, the You & Me Interactive Triplet Dolls remain available on the Toys “R” Us website.