Criminals of Rain City rejoice! The self-styled hero known as Phoenix Jones was arrested for pepper-spraying a group alternately described as dancing or fighting. The self-proclaimed crime fighter, who may have watched Kick-Ass one too many times, originally took to the streets of Seattle to serve as a symbol “that the average person doesn’t have to walk around and see bad things and do nothing.” The results have been mixed.

On patrol last Saturday night, Jones and his camera crew witnessed what they believed was a fight occurring in downtown Seattle. Intending to break it up, the superhero pepper sprayed the combatants, leading to a chaotic melee that ended when the police arrived. In the aftermath, the cops arrested Jones for assaulting four members of a group described in the police report as “dancing and having a good time“, rendering the champion of good as a lowly “masked suspect.” The incident was captured on tape.

Jones posted $3,800 bail, but his identity was revealed. The man known as Phoenix Jones is actually one Benjamin Fodor, 23, an MMA fighter with colorful high-top fade haircut. Fodor now faces four counts of assault.

Does this mark the end of our masked hero? If so, Jones can take heart that he was once the leader of the Rain City Superhero Movement and commanded a Facebook page boasting more than 14,000 “likes.” More remarkably, as pointed out by the Seattle Weekly, is that “despite being the subject of hundreds and hundreds of media reports in this day and age, he managed to keep his true identity secret from the public for more than two years,” partially in collusion with the media.

Still, before you start running out to represent superheroes remember: Supervillains make the best clients.

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