A judge in New York City, tired of seeing saggy pants on the teenage miscreants coming before him, has decided to take a stand for courtroom fashion. Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Eduardo Padro declared his secular fatwa by taping a sign to the defense table with three simple words: “Pull Up Pants.”

Defendants gracing His Honor’s presence with the wrong briefs are sent back to the holding cells to recompose themselves before hearing. Judge Padro isn’t looking to dole out additional punishment, rather teach the young men about how they need to carry themselves and properly address people. For their part, defendants are taking the directive well.

One response to “Judge Requires Teens to Pull Up Pants”

  1. Rich says:

    No Judge will ever fix this… You need better tactics here…

    Spread the word that ‘pants hanging down’ is common in prisons signalling that the person with the pants hanging down is ready for prison sex. Pay a band to sing or rap about it and the problem is solved.

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