A lawsuit filed against Morton’s of Chicago in Boca Raton accuses the kitchen staff of outrageous conduct including a rather unappetizing use of asparagus that was later served to customers.

Filed by a sous-chef in Palm Beach County Court, the suit also alleges harassment consisting of antics one would expect to see at a fast food establishment rather than an upscale chain steakhouse aimed at special occasions and expense account dining. Several members of management and the prep staff were also named as defendants.

Plaintiff Reginald Williams claims that on repeated occasions a member of the prep staff would “place stalks of asparagus inside his underwear, next to his anal/genital area in order to simulate an erect penis.” The Morton’s employee would then run around the kitchen sexually abusing male co-corkers both physically and vertbally using the asparagus in his underwear as “a phallic prop.”

Taking the shenanigans to the next level, the complaint states the Morton’s employee would take “the asparagus back out of his anal/genital area…and in an…act, reminiscent of the worst fast food B-movie…despite the real risk of exposing to the public serious illness and injury, later serve that asparagus to Morton’s unsuspecting paying customers.” All of this allegedly took place in full view of management.

Williams asserts Morton’s management itself had numerous issues, with one circulating inappropriate pictures from aFacebook profile, “including one in which he dressed up as a vagina for Halloween” and that those who complained were disciplined or fired

All in all, we recommend a different side dish the next time you dine there with clients.

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