The wife of a British parliamentarian was found guilty of stealing a kitten from the abode of her husband’s mistress. The purloined feline, Beauty became the unwitting casualty of a complex love triangle between MP John Hemming, his wife Christine, and mistress Emily Cox. John and Christine Hemming had been married since 1980, but over the years the MP for Birmingham Yardley claimed to have 26 infidelities, including the one with Cox which produced a four-year-old love child. The events came to a head when John Hemming left his marital home to spend time with Cox. Understandably incensed by her husband’s actions, Christine opted to burgle Beauty which resulted in somewhat tragicomic closed-circuit television footage (viewable here). The cat’s whereabouts remain unknown.

Caught red-handed, Christine Hemming became a sensation in the circus of British journalism. At trial she claimed she only became aware of her husband’s child with Cox after the media reported it in stories about how her husband voted for himself in a 2005 News of The World Competition for “Love Rat of the Year”. She also stated she could not remember taking the kitten and tried to return it but accidentally placed it in the wrong yard. Found guilty, she was released on bail to reappear at the court for sentencing. For his part, John Hemming posted photos of Beauty and her brother Twinkle on his blog in the hopes that the public could help locate her.

One response to “Mistress Spat Results in Stolen Cat”

  1. chris hemming says:

    If you wish to have the truth you should read the transcript of the trial as a law related person and not rely on the extracts in the media.

    You have also not researched John Hemming and his duplicitness. If you knew only a little (mums net, injunctions, justice wall view) you would realise I tell the truth and that he is at home with a double life and double standards.

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