Here’s some perky news to support you through your day: Hooters, an owl-themed restaurant, is suing upstart competitor Twin Peaks for allegedly stealing trade secrets. The competitor, who’s theme may or may not feature the unsettling sense of surreal dread featured in the David Lynch series of the same name, also offers similar fare in a casual environment.

The Atlanta-based Hooters, known for purveying succulent mounds of stare-inducing wings, accuses a former executive of downloading and sharing voluminous amounts of confidential information, including marketing plans, contract agreements, recruiting tools and sales figures, before leaping into the bosom of his new employer. Fearing sagging sales, Hooters filed suit in the U.S. District Court in Atlanta to against to both burn his new support apparatus and show the world he acted like a giant boob. For its part, Twin Peaks must undoubtedly feel that Hooters is groping for a way to hold back its prodigious thematic assets from spilling over into their territory.

Hooters appears to have a case for concern, as the kind of trade secrets that spun their strigiformic restaurants into the international success must be complex and difficult to grasp; the organization previously failed in attempts to spread the brand into air travel and casino hotels. No word on whether Hooters will next go after the color-themed Pink Taco.

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