The skies around Boston offered a tortious buffet for airline passengers late Sunday night when two separate flights encountered exceptionally severe turbulence resulting in twenty injuries. The planes suffered from their encounter with Hurricane Ophelia, a melancholic young hurricane which wistfully waited for a reason to embrace the eastern shore of the United States before falling into despair and flinging herself into the dark depths of Newfoundland.

Nine passengers on a JetBlue flight from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Boston suffered injuries ranging from garden-variety back and neck trauma to the coveted severe hot coffee burn. A Lufthansa flight from Charlotte to Munich also reported eleven injuries, with three hospitalized, as the flight temporarily diverted to Logan International before continuing on to Deutchland. These flights may offer an opportunity for an ambitious personal injury attorney to get their wings—“act of god” be damned! We can already imagine the movie pitch: it’s “Hot Coffee” meets “Airplane!“, with a touch of Shakespeare, starring Ryan Gosling as the pilot, Susan Sarandon as the sweet old lady, and Aston Kutcher as the coffee.

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