You think you have created the greatest lawyer video in the world. Your video technique is flawless. The quality of your video is top notch. Your lighting is outstanding. The audio is perfect. The colors pop and are stunning. You have done everything right. Why aren’t you getting any calls?

You should look at your headline to give you the answer. The headline is the most important part of your video. When someone does a search and then scrolls down the first page of Google or YouTube search results, they look at two important things. They first thing they look at is the splash image that comes up on the left side of the page. The second—and even more important—is the title. If your title is boring, nobody will click on your video to watch it.

If your video title is not compelling, nobody will click on your title to watch your video. If you do not describe what your video is about, nobody will watch your video.

You thought that by creating the greatest video in the world, people will flock to your office to sign up with you. The only problem is that your headlines stink.

Watch the video to learn why having a compelling headline is so critical.