This week’s Dress for Success selections are the most versatile items you can have in your closet. Whether you’re going to a dinner party, out on a date, or heading into court, pick up these three items and you’ll be well on your way to a great outfit.

The gray suit is the most versatile suit you can own. It’s been said that if you are only going to own one suit, it should be gray. Andrew over at Primer points out, and I agree, that the gray suit is conservative yet leaves plenty of room to bring your own style to the ensemble. Pair your gray suit with a pink shirt, green tie, and brown shoes. It’s a bit of an odd color combination, but it looks great. That look is perfect for a more formal dinner party or a nice date. If you’re going out for drinks after work, you can easily take off your necktie and still separate yourself from the crowd a bit by not being just another guy in a black suit.

I paired the gray suit with brown shoes and a brown belt. Why? First of all, gray and brown look great together; especially when mixed with pink, blue, or green. Moreover, I promised a versatile outfit. These Steve Madden shoes are right on the border between formal and casual. That means they would go great with your suit or a pair of dark jeans. The Cole Haan belt is in the same category. Wear it to work or wear it on the weekends. Either way, wear it and you’ll be dressed for success.