This past week in the LAB we’ve raised the issue of whether to upgrade to Apple’s Lion OS X, how best to use LinkedIn, and whether (or what) to use for a virtual assistant.

Call Ruby and Virtual Receptionists

Even before Sam’s post this past week on his experiences with Call Ruby and its virtual receptionist services, we been discussing the use of virtual assistants and comparisons in the LAB between DirectLaw and Total Attorneys. Call Ruby has the issue of virtual receptionists back into the LAB. We’re seeking experiences and seeing what works (or doesn’t work). And Sam’s just been offered a trial of Total Attorneys to test it out and report back. Stay tuned.

Apple’s Lion Operating System

While I’ve been accused of link-baiting because I didn’t like Lion and what it did to my MacBook Pro when I installed it, I’ve brought the issue into the LAB to see what other lawyers have found when they upgraded to Lion. Maybe it’s just me, but I was unimpressed and still stand by my recommendation to wait until at least the first bug fix before upgrading. After all, Apple announced a firmware fix this past week for new iMacs and reported roblems with video-related freezes.

Using LinkedIn

Larry Bodine posted recently about how best to use LinkedIn for business development and connecting with in-house counsel. At least two of us in the LAB remained “ho-hum” about LinkedIn but admittedly have not spent a lot of time with it. So, we’re asking how others are using LinkedIn and what has worked best for business.

There’s always more in the LAB, so consider joining us in the LAB for more in-depth discussion of issues involved in building a better practice. Happy lawyering!

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