Last fall I wrote a post wondering if Clio was the best practice management software for my former law firm. At the time, Clio had some kinks that were not deal breakers, but harbingers of potential problems down the road.

Fortunately, I was wrong. I have been using Clio for almost a year and it has been a great addition to my solo practice.

Track all your cases in one place

Clio makes it easy to track notes, time, and client information for all your cases. As noted in this post, keeping a running diary on your cases is a critical to any litigator. Clio makes it easy to track notes, upcoming dates, and upcoming deadlines in one place. As a solo attorney, using Clio is almost a replacement for having support staff, which is pretty awesome.

My favorite aspect of “tasks” is that it combines all the tasks for your individual cases into one giant task list. That means when you log into Clio, you see a long list of all upcoming deadlines. That makes tracking all of your cases extremely easy and efficient. It also means you can stay on top of all your cases without having to look through every single case file.

Clio also added Google integration a few months ago. Clio syncs with your Google Calendar, anything you enter into your Clio calendar will appear in Google Calendar and vice-versa. That makes it easy to only use one calendar, while ensuring you can view events in more than place.

Full speed ahead with no speedbumps

Last fall I had two gripes: Clio was extremely slow and appeared to lose time entries. After nearly a year of use, I can report that Clio always runs at a very fast speed—lag was only an issue on a couple occasions. For time tracking, the apparent missing time entries were a one-time incident. Since then, I have not had any issues with losing my entries. The time tracking software is easy to use and easy to generate invoices. Freshbooks is a cheaper alternative, but Freshbooks only handles time tracking (and does not offer the same ease of entries).

Overall, I have been very pleased with the speed, ease, and reliability of Clio. A year is fairly large sample period and I feel that the monthly subscription price is worth it. If you are considering practice management software, I would suggest trying out Clio (free trial) and see what you think.