I grew up using Apple computers, spent ten years complaining about PCs, and finally converted back to Apple in the past year. Which makes it disappointing to recommend strongly against upgrading your Apple OS X operating system to 10.7, the latest version that Apple is calling Lion.

For me, with a relatively new MacBook Pro (2009), the upgrade has been a disaster. After upgrading, I’ve been relegated to booting up only in “safe mode,” dealing with innumerable application conflicts, and now having crashes, which were rare in Snow Leopard, Apple’s prior operating system. And I’m not alone, as many others are complaining, detailing numerous flaws and conflicts, or racking up all the applications that are now incompatible with Lion, such as Carbonite and, in some instances, Dropbox.

What have I tried to do to correct things, other than uninstalling the system (which, by the way, does not come with a disc and is only available as a download)? Lots. I’ve checked in frequently with Apple’s online support (useless on my issue), surfed around the web for people with similar problems who may have found a solution, tried uninstalling things, and finally just stewed. Unfortunately, Apple’s online support has been abysmal. Well aware that there are a good number of folks like me, Apple’s support forum still has no good explanation or solution. Others who are dealing with the problem suggest “PC-speak” solutions, which are a set of instructions that use words like kernel or config or that suggest uninstalling drivers or installing third-party software. Drivers and additional software? I thought I was using an Apple, which is supposed to “just work.”

Apple makes a big deal about its tag line of “It Just Works.” Sam sometimes teases me in the office whenever I cannot do something on my Apple and he completes it quickly with a PC running Windows 7. When he one-ups me, he says “Windows, it just works.” Now, after wasting two days on Lion, I’m left concluding that “Lion, it just sucks.” My recommendation is to wait at least 1-2 months and then reassess whether to upgrade your Apple. By that time Apple will hopefully have the kinks in its flawed operating system worked out.