It can be tough to be a breastfeeding lawyer. Heck, you now have two jobs, being advocate and counselor and being dairy cattle. In belated, what can I say I’m a mother of an infant, honor of World Breastfeeding Week, here are some tips for the breastfeeding lawyer.

1. Know Your Rights

We tell this to our clients all the time, but sometimes the cobbler’s kids go without shoes, and lawyers don’t lawyer for themselves. If you’re an employee, you may have rights that include the ability to take time to pump and the right for the employer to make a reasonable effort to provide a private location other than a bathroom to get the job done. Talk to your employer about how you plan to collect milk, how you will keep up your productivity (work, not milk related) and how your employer can provide a private location to do your business, especially if your state requires them to.

2. Nutrition In/Nutrition Out

Lawyers are notorious for eating on the go and not making nutrition during the workday a priority. Most of us might as well be hooked up to a caffeine IV. Breastfeeding lawyers need to nutrition a priority. I’ve found that I’m far more of a raging, starving loon than I was when I was pregnant (I’m still eating for two, but without the pesky heartburn). I’ve also found that having caffeine will affect my production (milk, not work related) and nothing is more demoralizing than spending a half an hour pumping and getting next to nothing. See what works for you, keep nutritious food handy and try to drink more water than coffee.

3. Don’t Beat Yourself Up

You’re trying to not lose a step in your law practice, be the perfect mom and be a source of nutrition for your child. That’s a tall order! The thought of supplementing might send you into a guilt-ridden tailspin. Don’t feel forced to do something you don’t feel is right. But, if it isn’t possible to be working and be the only source of nutrition for your child, don’t beat yourself up about it. Do what’s best for you, your child, and your family and let the rest go.