Blogging for jobsMany job-seeking lawyers tend to overlook one of the most obvious ways to stand out from the crowd: start a law blog.

Whether you were recently laid off, are a new graduate, or are returning to the law after a planned hiatus, a well-thought-out blog is the perfect way to differentiate yourself from other job applicants.

Blogging can be beneficial to the legal job seeker in many ways. Through a blog, you can:

  1. Demonstrate your substantive knowledge;
  2. Showcase your writing and analytical skills; and
  3. Convince prospective employers that you are on top of changes in your field.

For the attorney in search of a job, blogging will be most effective if the blog focuses on the substantive area of law in which you hope to practice.

There are a number of different types of posts that a topical blog of this type can include. You can post commentaries about recent news articles regarding the area of law that is the focus of the blog. You can also discuss issues raised by other law bloggers who blog about similar issues. Finally, you can summarize and analyze recent case law or recent statutory changes.

Since your primary goal is to get a job, it is important to be diplomatic. Try to be as neutral as possible about hot button topics. Avoid political issues and refrain from unnecessary commentary that could be misconstrued by a potential employer.

Effective blogging can lead to many unexpected opportunities. For example, my first law blog, Sui Generis, was instrumental in helping me ease back into the legal arena after a 3 year, self-imposed hiatus from the law. That blog, and the blogs that followed, proved to be invaluable to my subsequent career path and lead to countless professional, writing, speaking and networking opportunities.

So don’t despair. Despite the dismal legal job market, you can find the perfect job. Start a legal blog. It is a great way to showcase your knowledge and the perfect way to ensure that, out of all job applicants, you will be the one that is most memorable.

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