Brian Boyko over at [H] Consumer just posted “30 Days with Linux,” recounting his experience with going commercial-software free for a month. Read the article for yourself, but in the end, Brian decided to run Windows XP only as a backup for gaming and photo editing. Not bad. He did have some problems, and Matt Zimmerman, chair of the Ubuntu Technical Board, even posted a well-thought-out reply to the [H] Consumer forum.

Brian’s experience mirrors my own. Although Linux isn’t perfect, it seems that years of thoughtful input and development have shaped Linux into an operating system that is superior in important ways, even while its fallibility is hard-coded into the system. I have been using Ubuntu Linux for about two weeks myself. It is my “personal” OS, while I still use Windows for business. Office just has too many features that aren’t available in or Evolution and Kontact, both of which are great PIMs, but not on par with Outlook, mainly because they lack the ability to link one item to another.

I am also frustrated at the lack of a good indexing desktop search. Or at least, I haven’t tried one I like so far. Still, Ubuntu Linux is very good, and I have already integrated it into my system, and am considering going all-Linux in the near future. As soon as I can sort out a few remaining glitches, that is. And install CrossOver so I can keep using Office in Linux.

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