I’m excited to join the Lawyerist team! I’ll be providing tips and tricks to enable lawyers and support staff to use Microsoft Office more effectively.

I entered the legal field in the mid 1980s as a litigation support technician (yes, I’m old enough to remember Bernoulli boxes and dBase), eventually becoming a legal secretary and, later, paralegal. I later moved to the IT department of a large national restaurant company. After that, I spent several years in the late 1990s and into the 2000s as a traveling IT consultant, working as a business analyst and software trainer for Y2K projects with large corporations and achieving Platinum frequent flyer status on Delta Airlines for several years running.

Once the Y2K scare was truly over, I returned home to the Mobile, Alabama, area, splitting my time between freelance writing and providing Microsoft Word and Outlook training to local law firms. All the while, I temped periodically at local law firms to keep my connection with the local law office environment fresh and relevant.

I’ve always been the person in the law office everybody came to with the question, “How do I do X in [Word/Outlook/Excel/Powerpoint]?” so I started Legal Office Guru in March 2009 to build an online knowledge base of screenshot and video tutorials to refer coworkers and friends to. I look forward to helping Lawyerist readers and Lawyerist LAB members with Microsoft Office issues. Feel free to pose your most vexing Microsoft Office problems in the comments or the LAB forums, and I’ll do my best to help.