Zero to paperless in 5 easy steps


Personal Productivity for Lawyers

This quick-start guide to Getting Things Done and Inbox Zero also includes two shortcuts for those who want the benefits of GTD without having to learn the system.

It really is this easy to create a paperless law office:


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  • Great blog – especially the paperless and TimeMatters posts.

    Question: What is the application that’s shown in Slide 11 of this post. There’s a window open that’s entitled “Save As” and it has a FireFox logo. Doesn’t look like GoogleDocs. I’m interested in the app you’re using here to handle the PDFs for saving. We (9 lawyer firm) are currently using TimeMatters Document Mgmt System, but given the problems and limitations of TM (similar to those expressed elsewhere on this blog), it may not be around much longer. So I’m looking for some other options.

  • Sam Glover

    It looks unfamiliar because it is the Ubuntu Linux save dialog. I think I was actually saving a PDF from CM/ECF, hence the Firefox logo. Good eyes.

    For scanning, I use the software that came with my Fujitsu ScanSnap S500. You can scan directly to a file, which works great. For converting documents, I use, which has a really good, built-in PDF converter. Much easier and faster than Word.

    For managing documents, I just use the file system. I have found it is much faster and more effective than most document management software. I can usually find what I want by looking through my case folders. If not, indexed desktop search always does the trick.

    However, if I were doing a lot of cases with a ton of documents, I might start to think about some kind of software to manage the volume.