Given my role as tech writer for Lawyerist, I tend to throw in comments related to why I prefer using Macs. Frankly, I even wrote a post last year, why every lawyer should use a mac.

If you are solo attorney looking for a new computer, here is a big reason why should consider purchasing a Mac: durability.

Six years later: still running strong

I still use two Macs that are six years old: a 2006 iMac, and 2006 MacBook Pro. Admittedly, they are not as fast as a new Mac, but they both run smoothly and without any issues. Frankly, the only real gripe I have with either one is that the MacBook Pro’s hard drive seems too small. (As a side note, setting up file encryption on a Mac is incredibly easy.)

In addition, I have been using both of these computers on a regular basis for six years now. That is a lot of wear and tear, especially for a laptop that gets lugged around. I have never had to replace any hardware on either machine, and I’ve only had one major issue with the MacBook Pro, which was a fragmentation issue—easily fixed by backing up the drive and reinstalling the operating system.

I’m not the only one though. Whenever I go to a CLE or conference, I’m on the lookout for other Mac users (like I said, I’m a fanboy). There are definitely some attorneys rocking Macs that are even older than mine. Getting six years out of a computer is a pretty good bargain, getting more than six years is like hitting the jackpot.

The higher cost should even out over time

There are some companies that make great computers that run Windows. At the same time, I do not know anyone who uses a non-Mac that is more than three, or maybe four years old. I would also guess that those computers are sputtering towards the end of their lives—buying a replacement will become a necessity, not a luxury.

Frankly, sometimes I find myself hoping one of my 2006 Macs will start to die a slow death, because I’d love an excuse to buy a new one. I’ve been thinking that for over two years now, with no luck.

Macs tend to be a bit pricier than the competition. But if you consider that they tend to last longer (in my humble opinion), they may actually be cheaper.