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  • Another handy metadata removal tool is Metadata Asssitant published by Payne Group. It automatically prompts to remove metadata from any e-mail attachment. The only tricky part is documents with tracked changes. These have to be converted to pdf before being e-mailed, otherwise all changes are accepted and comparisons are lost. But all -in- all, a very useful piece of software at a reasonable price.

    • Do you know if Metadata Assistant does batches?

  • Anon

    Be very careful before advising attorneys to destroy evidence. In this age of e-discovery, wiping metadata like this could result in some pretty harsh consequences.

    • Definitely! Maybe I should have put that part of the post in extra bold. But for those items that are legitimately core work product, or drafts going out to clients, why not be in the habit of keeping electronic files clean?

  • I’m brazillian law student, this post is really interesting! Well done!